9 February 2022 | We are pleased to announce that Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings (S&P) has added Stratos to its “Select Servicer List” following the assignment of a servicer ranking. This ranking reflects Stratos’ experienced senior management team, global organisation and coverage as well as well-automated and effective lease management systems.

S&P admitted Stratos to its Select Servicer List based on a comprehensive assessment of Stratos’ operational capabilities for servicing commercial aircraft portfolios. S&P performed an analysis of Stratos’ management and organization, servicing administration and financial position and inclusion on the list reflects that Stratos is performing its duties in an effective and controlled manner and is in general compliance with investor, regulatory and agency requirements. 

“We are extremely proud to achieve this S&P ranking as the only independent aircraft servicer to be added to the Select Servicer Listing.” said Mike O’Hurley, Head of Servicing of Stratos. “This ranking confirms our team’s dedication to delivering world class aircraft lease management services.”

Gary Fitzgerald, CEO of Stratos said: “This is a fantastic milestone, which will further enhance Stratos’ reputation as a leading independent remarketing and lease management platform. Since launching our Servicing division in 2017, we have established a highly professional servicer platform that has demonstrated its leading-edge capabilities for all aspects of managing aircraft investments. We will use this ranking to help us continue expanding our asset investor base”