30 November 2023 | Stratos, the only independent aircraft asset manager holding a Select Servicer qualification from Standard & Poors, has launched an enhanced ABS reporting portal for JOLAir 2019-01. Designed to help bondholders better understand the value of their underlying investment, the portal is a free-to-access site for prospective and current noteholders in the ABS. It features live information per individual aircraft on lease rates range, maintenance status, forward maintenance projections and estimated end of lease compensation payments for investors.

Gary Fitzgerald, CEO Stratos said: “We were prompted to launch this tool after many enquiries from investors struggling to understand the status of and value in various ABS portfolios, particularly since Covid. Over time we believe that increased transparency in the Aircraft ABS market should reduce the execution risk of new issuances and increase secondary trading volumes.

Mike O Hurley, Head of Servicing Stratos said: “After months of development & testing, Stratos is excited to be able to provide aircraft ABS investors with additional data that enables them to better understand their portfolio. We have become a world-leading digital servicer by allowing our clients to access their aircraft and track the details of their investments”.

Alan Doyle, CEO of Aerlytix, expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration with Stratos in developing an ABS investor portal for the JOL Air-2019 ABS. He stated, “We are delighted to partner with Stratos to enhance the analysis available for ABS investors. This product, designed to extend across all ABSs, will drive transparency and productivity in the industry. Overall, it enhances our expanding suite of offerings to lessors, banks and investors.”